Learning resources

Corporate training, auditing and consulting

Through our partnership network we offer corporate workshops and training, impact auditing and bespoke consulting to financial services firms seeking to lead their organisations towards more sustainable finance.

We strongly believe that sustainable and responsible finance is shifting from a perceived constraint to sustainability as a business differentiator. We support our members with strategy, workshops and training to help them operate more sustainable fintech businesses. We organise corporate events for our members with guest speakers and help connect members to other relevant industry bodies that can assist with specific needs.

We also help member organisations to develop their corporate culture through employee volunteering. This enables employees and firms to align on values, with the organisation allowing their employees to allocate some of their working time and talents to causes that they are passionate about. Staff can typically pick their charity, record their volunteering time, add an activity to their calendars, post about the experience and share it on social media.

Impact Auditing

When correctly implemented, sustainable policies and practices result not only a more resillient business but also improved brand image and stronger business relationships. However a major challenge is ensuring that the both the firm and its supply chain meets the standards to which they have committed.

A transparent, systematic and long-term approach is vital for any serious sustainability commitment. Evaluating and monitoring sustainability performance within your firm can be challenging but is necessary to establish progress.

Suppliers must also be held to account to the new standards and again, oversight is critical. Where a supplier is not compliant, this situation must be managed proactively and in a way in which you remain in control.

Fintech for Good is able to act as a partner that provides proactive oversight of your sustainability efforts. This allows companies to authentically back their sustainability claims and can also help unveil risks or breaches; involving an independent organisation to audit your business shows your ongoing commitment to realising your sustainability goals.

Online training resources

The following online training courses and MOOCs are provided by external parties, independent of Fintech for Good. If you are aware of a course that should be added to this list and isn't please get in touch with details.