Our Purpose

The basics

We are a membership network, a participatory think-tank and movement that helps our members puts ESG values in to practice in the finance industry.

We bring together industry professionals, fintech startups and growth-stage firms, charities and corporates from across the world to learn, collaborate and contribute towards a more purposeful and socially responsible financial services industry.

We coordinate information around socially responsibile finance, provide industry leadership, advocate for financial inclusion and climate responsibility, and organise networking events. We also offer our members corporate training, sustainability impact monitoring, and run a philanthropic robin-hood fund.

Fintech for Good is part of a wider network of communities advocating globally for systemic change through desynchronisation including members such as Nesta, The Finance Innovation Lab, The Smart CSOs Lab, The New Economic Foundation and many more.



Our community spans almost 50 countries across the world.

Individual members

Together, thousands of individual finance professionals are working together to improve the finance industry.

Corporate partners

Our corporate partners share our values, support our work and show industry leaderships.

Events and counting

We've run over 75 community events to learn, network and pursue a better financial services industry since 2013.

Theory of Change

Core beliefs

The following core beliefs define our basis for change.

  • Capital as an input is a key driver of social outcomes; the flow of capital towards certain projects and organisations has a profound effect on society via the activities of companies and organisations.
  • Capital is inherently value-agnostic; it is human systems that influence and control capital flow which determine whether capital flows towards socially positive, neutral or socially negative activities.
  • There is no such thing as a externality; unanticipated impacts can always be modelled with improved systems-thinking, greater transparency and accountability.
  • The financial services industry is ineherently complex; collaborative coordination of both endogenous and exogenous change factors is required to create a more sustainable industry.


Our mission is to change how people, companies and organisations manage finance in order to achieve:

  • Raised financial inclusion and increased access to financial services for the world's population.
  • Increased responsibility by financial services firms for the effects of climate change.
  • Greater transparency for investors and more accountability for investment firms regarding the social impact of the flow of (their) capital.
  • Improved environmental, social and governance education for financial services professionals.
  • Fair and ethical treatment of whistleblowers.

Enablers and activities

Fintech for Good:

  • Raises awareness within both society and the industry of socially and environmentally resonsible financial services.
  • Catalyses community-led ideas, offering society and organisations new and innovative ways of delivering sustainable finance.
  • Coordinates members' efforts in order to generate positive collisions and ideas.
  • Supports responsible finance ideas and initiatives, enabling them to flourish.

Long-term outcomes

Fintech for Good seeks a more inclusive financial services industry that results in:

  • UN Sustainable development goals being met by 2030.
  • Balanced-stakeholder economic systems, with partipatory governance for projects financed by our members.
  • Adoption of accounting systems that go beyond economic / shareholder return.


Our Governance system has two core functions: Allocating and focusing resources towards our stated goals, enablers and activities set out in our Theory of Change and managing charitable donations from our corporate partners towards strategic projects.

Governance activities are ultimately overseen by our board of trustees.

Fintech for Good is currently seeking Trustees to join the project. If you are an experienced trustee in the non-profit sector, particularly with financial services experience, we would love to hear from you.

Strategic Partnerships

We are part of a wide network of non-profit organisations including: